about us

About Us

The Learning Umbrella believes in fostering a true understanding of numbers, mathematical and scientific concepts, language and age appropriate experiences are introduced to ensure optimum learning of each child.  Our staff are qualified professionals who keep abreast with the latest advances in the field of early childhood education and carry a diverse background in the field of education.

The school is spread in a vast area (1000 square yards) giving a spacious, experiential & activity based learning experience to your child. It is completely child-centric and offers multiple activities for an all round development of your child.

The Learning Umbrella also provides Full Day Care program for children between the age group of 6 months to 6 years. The program is designed to provide a facility for parents to ensure their child is comfortable and safe, while they are at their workplace. It allows mothers to return to work without compromising on the quality and care of the kids. We strive to ensure that we provide a safe, healthy and nurturing space for children to learn and grow.


Roopal Sagi

Principal & Co-Founder

My Journey started in the corporate world in the Human Resources field with over 10+ years of experience which gave me a strong foundation of values, vision and team work. These have ingrained in my system and helped me as we conceived this idea of setting up an institution.

“You do not immediately recognize turning points in your life; but in retrospect, your life has turned, and you have taken the plunge! I think it happened very organically, in a natural progression. The tide just flowed and I flowed with the tide.” A vision and dream that has now turned into reality.

Here we are proud today of an unparalleled facility we have been able to design with personal attention to every little detail and corner of the school. Bringing in the flavours of British National curriculum to our curriculum was the final icing on the cake!!

Our ideology of pre-schooling is where the students at the school are a chirpy bunch. The teachers have won fame for their enthusiasm and eagerness to innovate. The support staff has managed to maintain the same smile for all visitors throughout the year. And overlooking all of them is the Head of the school, who carries a faraway look in her eyes for the milestones conquered and the possibilities yet to explore – and when you have all this at one place – you are at The Learning Umbrella - A school where the quality matters the most and we want to reflect the kaleidoscope of learning, adventures, creativity and positive approach of our young minds.

E-mail: roopal@thelearningumbrella.com

Radhika Raj

Vice Principal & Co-Founder

Radhika, is a management graduate with over 15 years experience in overseeing the Educational trust run by her family and built operational expertise in the retail distribution of FMCG goods. Her professional maturity and insights have been honed and enriched through her multi cultural assignments.

Our goal is to provide the essentials needed for Child’s success in a safe and stress free environment that would inculcate positive values, caring and a fun place to learn and grow. We help and nurture child's Fine and Gross motor skills. We focus on discovering and unleashing the hidden talent that would foster the child’s development. It is an all hands involvement parents, children and teachers coming together in their Learning journey - since what we learn becomes a part of who we are.

E-mail: radhika@thelearningumbrella.com